Our work with content providers often involves strategic transformation of the company's technology infrastructure, processes, and organization from single-media "silos" to those that facilitate cross-media content creation and production, and scalable product development.

Through our client engagements, we have evolved a methodology which we believe is effective in planning for technology acquisition and organizational change that is tied to real business objectives rather than "blue sky" or "build it and they will come" rationales.

Our Cross-Media Transformation Strategy methodology is as follows:

  • Discovery: meet with key stakeholders and digest relevant documentation. The objective is to understand:
    • Current technology.
    • Current workflow processes and organization.
    • Current product lines.
    • Plans for future products, particularly those that are difficult or even impossible to produce with current technology and processes.
  • Gap Analysis: identify gaps in technological and process capabilities required to produce the desired future products. This would depend on the level of detail that the client provides on its future product plans.
  • Workshop: presentation and discussion of new capabilities that we determine are relevant to the client’s situation.
  • Recommendations: a document that includes:
    • A description of an ideal technology architecture for the client.
    • Descriptions of desired workflow processes, skills, and organization.
    • Descriptions of technology components that the client would need to adopt to achieve the ideal architecture, along with priorities, broad cost estimates, and suggested timelines.
  • Business Case: an explanation of the business justification for the new capabilities, along with cost estimates. Depending on the client’s wishes, this may include a full ROI (return on investment) analysis with P&L impact.
  • Implementation Plan: a suggested timeline for implementing the Recommendations, including a list of projects along with their prioritization and phasing.
  • First Vendor Selection:
    • RFI/RFP to vendors of the technology chosen as first in the Implementation Plan.
    • Evaluation of responses from vendors.
    • Selection of short-list vendors (typically 2-4) and arrangement of presentations by those vendors, preferably at the client site.
      Detailed evaluation of short-list vendors, along with selection of first and backup choices.
    • If desired, assistance to the client in negotiating agreement with the first choice vendor (or, if no agreement reachable, the backup).

Please contact us for further information on Cross-Media Transformation Strategy engagements.



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