The blog Copyright and Technology is your source for news and analysis of developments in digital rights technologies such as DRM, fingerprinting, watermarking, rights licensing, and enterprise rights management, as well as related legal and public policy issues.  Older content can be found on DRM Watch, published by Jupitermedia Corp.

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What the professionals are saying:

  • "... the best, most comprehensive treatment of digital rights management that I have seen to date ... does an important service to the industry by combining useful abstract models with considered discussions of real technologies and solutions."
    -- John Erickson, Ph.D., Hewlett-Packard Labs (read complete review)
  • "... it is the first useful text of its type in the space."
    -- Dr. Martin Lambert, CTO, SealedMedia
  • "DRM is a confusing topic, and this one of the clearest expositions of DRM (or most any other technical topic!) that I've ever run across. It demystifies a complex subject with simple straightforward language, describes key vendors and organizes them accurately into categories, and even contains a wealth of useful materials ... A must-have for any publisher, intellectual property lawyer, venture capitalist, technology vendor, or consulting firm dealing with digital content distribution or online intellectual property."
    -- David Sidman, Founder and COO,

Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology has been adopted as required reading for courses in digital copyright at New York University, the Franklin Pierce Law Center of New Hampshire, Bowling Green State University, and University of Magdeburg, Germany.


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