GiantSteps' work with digital media technology vendors often involves go-to-market strategy. This is typically an engagement of several months in length, which puts the client in an excellent position to bring robust offerings to market with efficient allocation of resources to defining and capturing near-term market opportunities, maximizing sales effectiveness, and positioning the business for rapid growth.

We generally use the following methodology:

  • In-depth understanding of the vendor's technology and any existing products.
  • Research and definition of key value chains in the relevant industry segments, including:
    • End customers
    • Technology integration points
    • Competitors
  • Prioritization of markets, value chains, and specific links in value chains most likely to lead to rapid sales opportunities (“low hanging fruit”) as well as those that are too difficult.
  • Identification of desired features for low hanging fruit and value propositions for products and services.
  • Definition and prioritization of product marketing tactics necessary to capture low hanging fruit, including:
    • Products and Services
    • Marketing initiatives
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Assistance in executing product strategies, through such means as:
    • Introductions to potential partners & structuring of partnership agreements
    • Planning of marketing initiatives
    • Product definition
    • Sales training

Please contact us for further information on product strategy engagements.



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