The GiantSteps Strategic Review is an excellent way to begin a relationship with GiantSteps/Media Technology Strategies. Strategic Reviews are intensive 1-2 day sessions, conducted on the client's premises, with the following structure:

  • Review of client's business plan and discussion of:
    • Business objectives
    • Product and market strategy
    • Technology architecture
  • GiantSteps provides expertise on digital media industries that relate to the client's business, including relevant information delivery modes and potential market segments.
  • GiantSteps provides expertise on relevant digital media technologies and how they could be integrated with the client's architecture.
  • Value chain analysis:
    • Description of the applicable digital media value chain
    • Assessment of where the client's business fits in that value chain
    • Discussion of strategic partnerships and other relationships necessary to create or become part of the value chain, with an eye towards tradeoffs on time to market, share of customer, and development ramp-up
  • Discussion of any other areas of concern to the client.
  • Outline of plans for any future activities that meet the client's needs.

Please contact us for further information on Strategic Reviews.



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